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We know kids' teeth. Most importantly, we know kids. You don’t expect to find SuperSlide Playscapes or hand-held video games in a dentist's office, but that is exactly the point. Pediatric dentist Dr. Jeffrey Holt is changing how children experience dentistry with state-of-the-art facilities in Plano and Carrollton.

Kid-friendly diversions like bright murals, cool music and the latest video games help kids look forward to dental visits. Even the dental chairs are equipped with DVD movies and individual headphones. The result is a positive environment that makes each visit fun. A focus on specialized and preventive pediatric and adolescent dentistry during the growth and development years assures a healthy smile for life.

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Ed Meets the Dentist

Ed Meets the Dentist is an animated cartoon created by Dr. Holt to help familiarize children with each step of the dental check-up visit. Kids love following Ed the rabbit through his first dental appointment.

Now Available at the App Store - Ed Meets the Dentist App for iPhone and iPad, complete with INTERACTIVE GAMES (Brush Ed's Teeth, Dental Tools, Water Squirter, Mr. Thirsty, Dental Chair, Rainbow Light, X-Ray Picture), OUTTAKES and VIDEOS. Kids are less anxious about unfamiliar procedures if they have already experienced them with Ed!  

Ed Meets the Dentist is Now Available at the App Store!